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Youth Court Judge Sues County

Opposing legal decisions and lack of funds have Hinds Co in a bind.

Expunge This

If you're really poor, you might be able to have charges wiped clean. Learn more.

Jackson's Payday Loan

City takes out a loan to cover payroll, "on path to becoming Detroit".

Grove Park Lawn Mowing

What to do with money-losing golf course? One idea is to give to JSU.

Creepy Clown Hits Tchula

Police Chief worried for clown, not residents. "Everyone here has shotguns."

School Fix

New fire extinguishers and record-keeping process the answer to failing schools?

The Hollars

Filmed in Jackson, recognizable places to be noticed in this film liked by audiences but not critics.

Try Working Together

FYI some people don't like whomever is in charge.

Day for Kids

Capitol Unit Boys and Girls Club hosting event Saturday.


2 basketball players, 2 football players, 1 baseball player, and 1 writer walked into a Hall of Fame...

Comedy Get Down

Charlie Murphy, D.L. Hughley, George Lopez, Eddie Griffin and Cedric The Entertainer at Coliseum tomorrow.


13 freed so far from house in South Jackson after 911 call.

Bike Cops

Hinds Sheriff adds bicycle patrol downtown.

Harlem Renaissance at MMA

Explore how the Harlem Renaissance impacted artists in Mississippi then and now.

1099 Kids

Looking to churches to increase foster care homes as 1,099 currently have nowhere to go.

Closing Parks

The City budget numbers vs the rhetoric vs agreement vs gravity.

Northpark Sold

Simon and Pacific RCP in 3-mall deal incl Jackson, New Orleans, and NYC.

So Many Gracious and Kind People

Explore Like A Local campaign launches, features Eichelbergers and Malaco in Jackson video.

Robin Hood Dead at 86

Eddie Sandifer robbed jewelry stores to fund gay rights activism. He spent months in jail, then decades helping people with AIDS.

Mayor Pleas

Says "please continue funding" to support communities.

History is Stained Glass

History is Lunch this week on Louis Millet: Journey in Glass—Paris to Chicago to Jackson.

Ballot 60

Weed ballot initiative would mandate pardon of approximately 2000 Mississippi men. Tax like alcohol. Stats from MDOC. Continue downward trend since PEW report on MS huge incarceration rate. Watch a woman follow the legal process.

Send Resources

U.S. Secretary of Education points to Indianola, MS as success of kindergarten prep program that works.

Good Riddance to Walnut Grove

Private prisons closes, still three remain in state.


Watch a movie about how bad Big Ag really is.


Either stats are massaged, or life is much, much better this year.

Not Our Day

State, Rebs, JSU, Southern Miss, Alcorn lose on gridiron.

JSU vs Grambling

SWAC game of the week tonight at Memorial Stadium. Also the start of clear bag policy.

Try for 3

Ole Miss looks for win over Alabama for third consecutive year. State looks to take down wounded LSU.
UPDATE: 48-43 L. 23-20 L.

Save Smith Park

TeamJXN makes case for $2.5M to make a world-class public space in state's epicenter.

Belhaven Astroturf

Video capture of green turf being installed at Belhaven.

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Heartworks Art Show

Buy art that the homeless create in therapeutic program.

Sept 29 • The Cedars

action in jackson

The Wizard of Oz

The Center Players turn Main Street into yellow brick road

Sept 29 - Oct 2• Madison

action in jackson

Greek Weekend

Frats have a Step Show.

Sept 30 - Oct 2 • Various venues in Jackson

action in jackson

Big Fish: The Musical

The rollicking fantasy of a son learning the truth behind his father's stories.

Sept 28 - Oct 15 • Belhaven

action in jackson

Wellness Conference

Learn new ways to manage your own health better.

October 4 • Bellwether Church

action in jackson

Gumbo Festival

Family friendly lawn mower races in Richland.

Oct 8 • Smith Park

gumbo action in jackson

Indie Music Week

Concerts, panels and parties spotlighting Rock, Hip Hop, EDM, Blues, and Independent Film.

Jan 8-15, 2017 • Jackson

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