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Fruits and Veggies

Save $$ on healthy foods between 2:15-2:20pm on Tuesdays that rain. Free doughnuts 24/7!

Roads and Bridges

Statewide spending to fix infrastructure ruled by lobbyists who know how to work the system.


Lawyers fight over who is honest enough to rule on a dishonest DA.

Car Show

Parks Dept put on a car show... needed to promote a bit more.

Week in Review

Gabriel Austin talks Trump, unmarked graves, and budget review.

Craft Fair

100% handmade in Mississippi at Trade Mart this weekend.

Oxy Problem

Deputy Sheriff arrested with 30 Oxycodone pills as nation reels in opioids.

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Bye Pumpkin

Momma Kimmie and baby head to Indy, Pumpkin to Houston for facility upgrade.

Rally Gone

Public event, private fundraiser, and comparisons to Fordice.

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The Trump Show

Republican candidate in town today. Coliseum area to be packed.

Police State

GPS & cops chasing criminals also leads to innocents invaded.

Cowboy Dak

MSU star looks like he'll have a place in the NFL.

Raise Taxes

Councilman Stokes proposes just harvesting more from the money trees.

I Fly Southern

Fly to Memphis or Destin on small plane in new regional service.

Chicken Therapy

From designer coups to helping people with Alzheimer's, having chickens means more than eggs.

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R&B Weekend

Over 30 Performances on 5 stages at the Jackson Convention Complex Aug 19-20.

After Party Reading

Willie Morris After Party Featuring Thacker Mountain Radio at Hal & Mal's.

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Incoming freshmen get excited for four years in Jackson.

Street Paver

City invites you to a meeting to show off mayor's street-fixing chops.

School Fail

This is not a funeral. Dr. Gray says they're working to fix problems.

Police Fail

Officer ends career by propositioning teenager.


Mississippi Commission on School Accreditation meeting today about JPS accreditation.

Addiction Bad

Sheriff's Dept points out most crime stems from drugs and desperation.

Buying the Block

Jackson Academy may be aiming to connect the two parts of their campus.

Henderson Gold

Former Hinds CC track runner takes gold in long jump.

Kids Art Together

Today at 2pm kids age 6-10 collaborative art project at Children's Museum.

Garage Brews

Little city or residents can do to close business operating legally.


"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change."

Batson Upgrade

As more children helped at Batson, more facilities needed.

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Tire Ghouls

Did big business step all over the little people?

Image Lift

Work being done on Billy Brumfield Center for homeless.

ACA Up 43%

Affordable Care Act insurance rates to hit pocketbooks hard.

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A New Stadium

Belhaven building new football field in "The Bowl".

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Draw a Smile

The Draw A Smile Foundation feeds the homeless on Friday nights.

Transparency Fail

City's commitment to transparency sometimes shows holes in the ship.


Fliers without threats are allowed even from folks we don't like.

Pokemon Hal's

Augmented reality game mixed with DJs at party tonight.

It's Hot

The summer of '16 too hot for words.

Flag No Show

In list of political speeches at Neshoba County Fair, flag notably omitted.

Boil Rash

Boil water notices for numerous streets as Dept of Health investigates.

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Callaway salutatorian says "Do your best and God will take care of the rest".

Experience Zoo

Bank provides dozens of dollars for zoo tickets to public servants.


The Importance of Being Earnest in Richland.


Mayor says they're working hard, but don't drink the water.

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Gar v Carp

As invasive Asian carp spreads, alligator gar used to combat.

Galactic Cinema

Totally immersive 360° fulldome digital cinema experience at planetarium.

Elder Crime

Stokes wants something done about old folks getting robbed.

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